Artists tagged as Band

Name Tags
98 Degrees English, Pop, Boy Band, Band
ABBA English, Pop, Disco, Band
abingdon boys school J-Rock, Band, Japanese
access Band, Japanese, J-Pop
Acid Black Cherry J-Rock, Band, Japanese
Aegis Female, OPM, Rock, Band
Aerosmith English, Rock, Band
Air Supply English, Pop, Rock, Band
Alamid OPM, Rock, Band
ALI PROJECT Rock, Band, Japanese
APO Hiking Society Pop, OPM, Rock, Band
Aqua English, Pop, Band
Aqua Timez J-Rock, Band, Japanese
Arashi Boy Band, Band, Japanese, J-Pop
BAAD J-Rock, Band, Japanese
Backstreet Boys English, Pop, Boy Band, Band
BAD LUCK Band, Japanese, J-Pop
BEAT CRUSADERS Band, Japanese, J-Pop
Bee Gees English, Pop, Disco, Band
Bon Jovi English, Rock, Band
Boyzone English, Pop, Boy Band, Band
BUMP OF CHICKEN J-Rock, Band, Japanese
CHAGE and ASKA Band, Japanese, J-Pop
CHiCO with HoneyWorks Band, Japanese, J-Pop